87710003 New Holland Tractors Tilt Steering Gas Strut

  • Brand: GASTAC
  • Product Code: 87710003 New Holland Tractors Tilt Steering Gas Strut



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87710003 New Holland Tractors Gas Strut 

It seems like you're looking for information about 87710003 New Holland tractors tilt steering gas strut , also known as gas springs or gas lift supports, are commonly used in various applications, including automotive vehicles, to provide controlled motion and support for moving parts like hoods, trunks, and steering wheel adjustments.

In the context of a New Holland tractor or vehicle with a tilt steering wheel, a gas strut could potentially be used to assist in the tilting mechanism of the steering wheel column, making it easier for the user to adjust the steering wheel's position. This is often seen in modern vehicles to enhance driver comfort and ergonomics.

Brand: Gastac Gas Spring
Location: New Holland Tilt Steering
OEM Number: 87710003
Replaces numbers OEM: 82036016
Overall Length:  9.646"
Stroke Length: 1.969"
Shaft Diameter: 0.394"
Cylinder Diameter: 1.063"
Newton Force: 420 N
Socket End Type: Eyelet Cylinder End & Threaded Male Rod End
Warranty: 1 Year

Replaces John Deere OEM: 82036016, 87710003.

Compatible with New Holland Tractor(s): T6010, T6020, T6030, T6040, T6050, T6060, T6070, T6080, T6090, T7030, T7040, T7050, T7060, T7070, T6.140, T6.150, T6.160, T6.175, T7.170 (s/n C9023-earlier), T7.185 (s/n C9023-earlier), T7.200 (s/n C9023-earlier), T7.210 (s/n C9023-earlier), T7.220 (s/n C9023-earlier), T7.235 (s/n C9023-earlier), T7.250 (s/n C9023-earlier), T7.260 (s/n C9023-earlier), T7.270 (s/n C9023-earlier), TS100A, TS110A, TS115A, TS125A, TS130A, TS135A.